Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Word - SHIT!

I don't like messing up, and thankfully, I don't do it often. But I admit it when I do, and I don't try to blame anything else for my screw up. Here is a perfect example: In dropping the wiring for the second floor from the attic, I have to drill holes blind, which when done correctly will go into the enclosed wall cavity so the wire can be fed down to the switch or outlet served. Bear in mind that this cavity is about an inch wide on outside walls, and there are only vague indicators as to where exactly the correct point to go drilling is. So here I messed up, as is plainly obvious. What I thought would be a nice hole into the space between the plaster/lath and the brick wall, turned out to be a nice hole that exited the ceiling of Rudi's bedroom and carved down six inches of finish wall! Fishing the wire down seemed way too easy, so after I got about 10' down, I went to check, only to find the wire hanging in the room, instead of hidden in the wall. Well, nothing a bit of plaster compound and paint won't fix.

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