Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where Is The Tapestry When You Need It!

After much deliberation of the best and least material consuming method of running electrical cable to the attic, I finally decided to go up the front foyer wall. I had thought of running a large cable up one of the inside kitchen walls and serving a sub panel, but with all the capacity I have in the main panel that would have been a waste. I also thought of running all cables up the same wall, but I couldn't get around the fact it would take almost 500 feet of wire just to get access to the attic. I have no idea why I hadn't thought of the foyer wall earlier, as it is located just above the breaker panel, and will save about 300' of cable, and probably 10 hours worth of work. The other reason the Foyer works so well is I will be running three sets of 3-way fixtures (Lights that can be operated at the foot or the top of a staircase) and they consume ridiculous amounts of 3 wire cable, especially if you have to run it from a switch, down a wall, across the basement, up 20' to the attic, along the floor to the fixture, and then from the fixture to the light switch controlling from the top of the stairs. The first photo is looking up the staircase, showing the three openings required to run the cables from the basement to the attic. Second is a closer look at one of the openings, required as i had to negotiate the cables past a cross brace mounted perpendicular to the wall studs. The third photo is the opening that allowed me access to make the holes necessary to run the cables through the floor.