Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vintage Style Boxes

Recently I happened upon one of the neatest electrical boxes for performing retrofit wiring in an older home. Because some of the original wiring had electrical duplex receptacles located horizontally in the baseboard, I decided it would be best to continue locating additional receptacles in the baseboard also.

The problem is that most modern electrical boxes have the openings for wires to enter from the bottom or top end of the box, which makes it extremely difficult to mount the wired box 'blind' (that is fish the wires from the back, out throught the precisely cut out box opening, then into the box, which is then pushed back into the opening).

You will notice that the box pictured has back openings, which permit the wires to be run directly into the back of the box, as opposed to the top or bottom ends, which make installing the wired box a breeze!

I found these at both TimbrMart and Home Hardware, they cost around $3 each, much more expensive than the $1.19 or so for a regular box, but way way easier to install! Check an upcoming post for comparison pictures of installation of these versus standard boxes.

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