Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heating The Unheated Room (Part 3)

Finally Alexander's bedroom has heat! Actually, the Dimplex LPC heater has been installed and working for well over one month now, it has just taken me this time to finally write about it! The Dimplex LPC looks fantastic against the tall original baseboards, and it's slim format is unobtrusive, unlike traditional front vented baseboard heaters.
The Dimplex LPC heater, 24 inches wide, 750 watts, located centered beneath the window in Alexanders bedroom.
A close up, the right hand end of the heater contains the controls, and a small LCD readout display. Wiring can be done from either side, as there is wire routing from the left to the right side where the connections are made.

Wall box which will contain the remote control unit. The remote is a controller only, and does not contain a thermostat, which is located in the heater itself, together with the display.

The remote unit, installed temporarily in a dummy box. The wall switch for the room will contain a switch controlling a duplex receptacle, a master ceiling fan/light switch (pictured), and the LPC remote control unit.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Installing A Ceiling Fan - The Correct Way

The only proper way to install a ceiling fan is to mount the octagonal outlet box in a box type enclosure that will then be installed between two of the floor joists in the ceiling. The octagon box itself is held by at least four screws, two in each of the 2x4 box sides, and in the case of this box, two additional screws in a short 2 x 4 bridge installed directly above the octagon box.

After the ceiling is opened up sufficiently, the entire box can be glued and screwed in place between the floor joists of the room above. I would hazard a guess that this box could readily support up to 500 or so pounds, so a 35 lb ceiling fain with a 1/2 horsepower motor should prove no challange.