Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Tale Of Two Storeys

In deciding to add wiring for an electric baseboard heater in Alexander's bedroom, I made the logical decision to add all the wiring necessary to wire the ceiling lights in the living room below, as well as the receptacle outlets in Alexanders room, along with applicable switches and such at the same time.

This project now involves wiring four potlights and one ceiling light in the living room, along with two wall switches, five duplex receptacles in Alexander's room, switches for the ceiling lamp and fan, and a switch for a light in the closet.

The closet light switch was interesting, as after pulling up the two floorboards to gain access, I felt underneath and noted there were two drill holes in the wall baseplate directly under where the switch for the closet light was to be located. This was quite fortunate, as I would really not have been able to make the necessary hole without opining a small portion of wall and drilling them out, or at least using a very espensive flexible drill and ball to drill down through the baseplate after gaining access through the switch opening.

Below is pictured the fish tape after being routed up from the floor opening, the fish reel at the floor opening, and the cable being pulled down after being secured to the fish tape, respectively.