Thursday, October 25, 2012

Installing A Celing Fan - The Hard Way

So the worn out, broken ceiling fan in the kitchen needed to be replaced, and Lowes had a nice looking one for a good price...
Why is it that such a simple job turns into a bloody week worth of extra work?
In any event, and it should come as no surprise, the box for the existing ceiling fan was both completely inappropriate (pancake style box), improperly secured (two #8 wood screws less than an inch deep) and improplerly wired (no cable clamps, and improprly routed wires into boxes)

Here is some fantastic wiring - I removed the switch, and the supply cable is entering the box at the lower right corner from the front of the box, righ under the faceplate

The opening where a frame for the new box will be located - The old box sat in the small circle... The black 'stick' is an old piece of fish wire that was abandoned in the ceiling, who knows when!