Sunday, February 22, 2009

What The Law Says

In Ontario, all electrical service installations including electrical panels and branch wiring must be completed by a licensed electrical contractor, or a resident of the property at which the work is being completed. In either case, for any electrical installation to be legal, it must be pass an inspection by the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority). When an installation has successfully passed inspection, it essentially means that the Authority has undertaken responsibity for the quality of the work from the person(s) performing the work, and also means that liability is also transferred from the person doing the work, to the Authority, and on to any insurance company providing coverage for the premises.

So if you are going to do your own wiring, find out how to do it properly, and GET IT INSPECTED! I am just making a wild guess here, but I think the inspectors from the ESA would much prefer to visit your place to inspect your job, point out a bunch of deficiencies for you to correct, than to read in the morning paper that you and your family perished in a house fire due to a faulty wiring installation. They are paid decent salaries to do inspections, and the price of an inspection is very reasonable (typically ranging from $75 to $250 depending on the scope and size of job). And yes, the work I do in the Field House will be inspected, and eventually will be issued a Passed Certificate of Inspection.

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