Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In The Beginning He Said "Let There Be Light"

....And then He went out and hired a good electrician to wire the place up right!

Welcome to my blog about the complete rewiring of our 1890's Victorian house, the 'Field House'. We bought the house about eight years ago now, and though it was generally in a good state of repair, the electrical system was a mish-mash of original knob and tube wiring, some additional wiring installed in the 'forties and 'fifties, and some complete and utterly garbage work done closer to the 'eighties. In any event, I soon determined that it would have to be completely removed or cut out, and a completely new electrical system installed from the ground up, including a new service panel.

By the time I will have completed this job, I will have installed approximately 100 receptacle outlets, over 60 light switches, roughly 45 octagon boxes for ceiling lights as well as a wireless programmable master control system, in addition to running roughly two kilometres of loomex wire through the walls of the house. I will also have installed a new 200 Amp main service/generator breaker panel, and have had an electrician in to run a new service from the panel back out to the hydro line on the street.

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