Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heating The Unheated Room

There are five bedrooms upstairs at the Fieldhouse, and one of these (Alexander's) is unheated, due to its location directly above the formal living room below it. The living room has sliding pocket doors on the interior walls, which essentially prevent a vertical run of heating conduit to the room.

In the twenties? when the house was changed to forced hot water radiator heating, a radiator was placed under the window. It was removed in the eighties when the house was returned to forced air heating, leaving the room cooler than the rest of the upstairs in winter.

In the past we have been adding supplemental heat by way of an inexpensive plug in oil filled radiator style heater, but these have poor temperature control, so I decided a proper baseboard heater with wall mounted remote control would be a suitable addition.

Pictured is the Dimplex LPC baseboard heater, a very slim, attractive, true European style baseboard heater, about seven inches tall, 24 inches in length, and just under two inches deep. It will be installed under the window, with the remote unit in the wall switch gang near the door.

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